Sunday, 16 November 2014

Using up some scraps! Round II Card 36

My last couple of posts have mentioned that I am sort of kitting up my scrap images, along with some bits and bobs to go with them. I have been placing them into Michael's organizational shoeboxes, and employing the careful use of an index card in between each kit.

They are very simple kits but I thought they would come in handy once I have packed up my room. I will still be able to make cards even though I might be surrounded by a sea of boxes as I am working.
Once we are at the new house, I will still try to work from the kit boxes as we will be busy unpacking, and organizing the new place. (new to me at least)

Today I am sharing a card that I made from those boxes. It is a simple fishing card, but will come in handy for a birthday card for DH or my Son-In-Law..

The image is a rub on...not sure of the manufacturer any more. It is my VOS item...many, many years old. The background DP's are snippets from my VOS snippets box . Glad I got this one made up as Rubons are so fragile and I didn't want to damage it in the move. The plastic cover was long gone, so it is amazing that it lasted unscathed this long...and transferred like a dream!

I am entering this card in the following challenges:
1. Pixies Crafty |Workshop - must use snippets

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

More forgotten treasure - Round II Cards 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35

Quite some time ago I altered this little dollar store lunch pail. I planned to fill it with Thank You cards and use it for a gift. It was originally a Bart Simpson image on the front so I Mod Podged some black floral DP over it. I used a black background paper as I thought the Bart image might show through anything lighter in colour. Luckily the raised edges at the font and back as well as the sides of the lunch pail, were already just plain black, so I was able to leave those as is.  It only took the one rectangle of black floral DP and a snippet of glittery card to finnish the front. I then added some flowers that were left over from a scrapbook project...what luck.

I used matte Mod Podge but did not think to swirl my brush as I applied the top coasts. I think it would have given a nicer texture. Mine is a bit boring as I evenly ran my brush across in straight lines. Boring, I know...sigh...

As I was dusting it to pack away, I heard a funny "thunk". I opened it to find that I had already made 6 of the cards and had the bits inside to made 4 more. Could not fit all the cards in the photo so you will have to take my word that there are 6 finished!

I managed to find envelopes at the scrapbook shop that fit the pail. I then cut the cards to match that size. They are smaller than the standard...I think they are around 3 1/2 x 5.

 I made the flower on the front left card. I used a snippet of glittered paper and did not like that the pattern did not seem even.  I found some VOS premade flowers in my stash, and stuck them onto some snippets punched with Stampin' Up's scalloped circle. I like that they are all similar yet slightly different! This project lets me cross 12 flowers off my flower ticker for the year. I think my challenge to use up 365 flowers this year has been a dismall failure. Unless I can dream up a way to use up 247 flowers in the next 6 weeks, Well, I guess there is the hundred or more that I donated tot he thrift shop...perhaps I should have taken a photo of those...ahahahaha

 The Thank You cards on the left are for the gift tin. It will be a set of ten in all.  The  Follow Your Heart card is for my finished card box.

I am entering this card in the following challenges:
1. Pixies Crafty Workshop - must use snippets.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Grey Ghost - Round II Card 29

I'm still uncovering forgotten treasures as I sort through more of my room. You will never guess what the circular fish hook image is, on today's card. It is a coaster, kindly given to me by my sister!  A couple of years ago, she sent me a large assortment of fishing and water themed tags, coasters, and other doodads  I tucked them away into one of my shoebox storage units and forgot all about them.

When I was sorting through and filing my precut dies I realized that the largest cog from my Spellbinders cog set, would work for a sort of frame around the coaster. I even had one left over from a previous project.  Presto...suddenly my card design was crystal clear.

A few more snippets, a bit of jute twine, and another masculine card for my finished cards box. I have left it sentiment free as it is more versatile that way. I will add an insert with an appropriate verse, when I finally use it.

Little update on the moving preparations. The movers are booked for Jan 23 and although I had decided not to start packing till well into December, DH has asked me to start now. He suggested I start by packing what I don't routinely use, in the craft room. That way, he can stack a few boxes each day rather than flat out packing and stacking towards the end.  He reminded me that we are both over 60 and it is so easy to get a muscle strain etc if we work flat out.

So today I packed up 18 boxes...all my 8x8 paper and albums, most of my glass jars of flowers etc, and all my shoeboxes of prefolded card and envelopes. I am quite embarrassed to say I have 6 shoeboxes full of the prefolded notecards! I did think about getting rid of those folded cards as the weight is so flimsy, but then decided that if they are cut in half they make great coordinating papers for building card designs. I am such a packrat! lol

He carried all the packed boxes upstairs to the dining room as we will not be hosting any big suppers till we move. I personally do not like the look of boxes all over the house, so may just take the leaves out of the dining table to shrink it down, and try to stack all the packed boxes in that room alone.

I am entering this card in the following challenges:
1. Pixies Crafty Workshop - must use snippets...I think the fish scale paper might be Basic Grey but it is so old I am not sure...VOS for sure!